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Bänz Friedli opens the 18th Solothurn Beer Days
The 18th Solothurn Beer Days from 23 to 25 April 2020 will once again be a rendezvous for Swiss beer brewers, beer drinkers and beer lovers. At the festival in and around the Solothurn Rythalle, 55 local and regional breweries will present their art of brewing beer. Bänz Friedli, author, cabaret artist and passionate beer connoisseur, will open the Beer Days. He prefers to drink with Toni Brunner than with the leftists. What does he intend to do with the Solothurn audience, which is totally mixed up in party politics?
The micro, small and medium-sized breweries each make a big impression at the Solothurn Beer Festival. The beer flows in streams and the public makes the pilgrimage in droves to the Rythalle, the beer garden and the brewery tent behind it. For local and regional breweries from all parts of the country and language regions of Switzerland, the Beer Days are a welcome showcase for their products. For the expected 12,000 visitors, it is a pleasant opportunity to get an overview of the current local beer culture.
This year, 55 exhibitors - as many as in previous years - will be present in Solothurn over three days. "Unfortunately, I could not include all breweries," regrets organizer and Öufi boss Alex Künzle. The demand exceeds the available space in and around the Rythalle. This also underlines the importance of the Beer Days.
The National niche Beer Show
Despite regional competition, the Solothurner Biertage has long since become the most popular niche beer show in the national art of brewing. This recognition was not foreseeable when Alex Künzle launched the Biertage in 2002. "Even though local breweries were already then following a trend." Two years earlier, the former mineral water salesman had already founded his own Öufi brewery in Solothurn. It should also become an exuberant success story. The recipe for success is no secret. The Biertage is a trade exhibition for all senses, where eating, drinking and celebrating are also on the agenda. The creator has always remained true to his philosophy. Künzle would like to show the diversity of the millennia-old cultural drink. Beer is not just beer. Beer lovers can convince themselves of this at the Solothurn Beer Days.
A language and cabaret artist opens the Biertage 2020
The 18th Solothurn Beer Festival starts early Thursday evening, 23 April, with the popular VIP and press reception. Alex Künzle always invites one guest; this year it is the cabaret artist Bänz Friedli, who prefers to drink beer with Toni Brunner rather than with the leftists, because the members of the SVP party are better used to taking a (brewed) pasting. It will be exciting to see how he deals with the Solothurn audience, which is totally mixed up in party politics. Come see what is brewing!

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